How To Care For Your Wood Furniture Naturally So It Last Forever…(No Joke)

ithout proper care from you, they tend to look old and dirty. The wood accent is pretty much what’s in style for decorating and giving your home that alluring and exotic look. Some people get confused about how to maintain their wood furniture; they don’t know if all they should do is clean, dust or wax to give the furniture a great look at all time…

Sometimes, homeowners solicit the help of experienced woodworkers because they are confused about how to care and maintain their furniture. ?The purpose of this article is to provide you with better knowledge on how to adequately care for your wood furniture.

Use Water To Clean

Using water and mild soap to clean your wooden furniture won’t hurt; what you should avoid is getting the wood soaked while using water. A lightly moist cloth would do the job when you need to clean dirty or stubborn surfaces. Use a toothbrush dipped in water to clean areas your hand can’t reach. Remember to dry off water residue after using a wet cloth to clean.

Dust Is Not Your Friend:

Dust settling over your wooden furniture is not your friend as these dusts can leave scratches on your furniture surface if not properly cleaned. Use feather dusters, lamb wool duster or an old cotton undershirt to remove dirt; these materials are best for dust removal because they are soft, and they don’t shed.

Olive Oil Alone Doesn’t Work:

Avoid using olive oil to wipe the surface of your wooden furniture. Olive oil on its own when used will bring into focus fingerprints, marks, smear and dust stains on the furniture surface – trust me, you do not want that. However, you can add olive oil to other soap ingredients that you use in cleaning. Add olive oil to strained lemon juice, gum turpentine and denatured alcohol – all in equal quantity.

For Areas With A Lot Of Handling, Use Finished Woods?A professional woodworker will tell you wood is naturally porous. Woods unfinished tends to attract dust and absorb dirt. For this reason, it’s advisable to use finished woods for areas in your house that get a lot of handling and touch. Areas like your kitchen cabinet, dining tables, banisters, bookshelves, etc.

Avoid Heat Avoid placing your wooden furniture near heating units or vents as this will cause the wood to shrink, crack or dry out; you should also avoid placing your wooden furniture under the sun as the heat of the sun (especially during summer) will destroy finishes, making them fade and also dry out. Allowing your furniture to shrink or dry out would lead to a crack.

As a homeowner with wooden furniture around your house, keeping your wooden furniture in good condition should be a priority as this helps extend the lifespan of the wood – saving you good money if you had to replace.

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