How To Care And Maintain Your Woodworking Tools For The Best Results

How To Care And Maintain Your Woodworking Tools.

Believe it or not some of the most seasoned woodworkers I know tend to neglect their tools.

Your working tools are your baby when it comes to woodworking projects, without them being in proper condition, it’s almost impossible to achieve anything.

The care and maintenance of woodworking tools doesn’t require a lot from you, but if you keep your tools in good condition, they will return the favor. Adequate care and routine maintenance of your power tool or hand tool would make woodworking projects and woodworking design easier, a lot safer and more successful.

Ensuring your woodworking tools are in best conditions will save you time, cost of money to replace damaged equipment and also ensure your DIY woodworking projects is rewarding.

Store Tools Properly ?Storing your tools properly requires you to always keep your tools in the right place after each use.

You can keep your tools in boxes, bags, drawers and shelves and on pegboards depending on the space you have available. I would recommend the use of Pegboards because of how easy and convenient you can locate tools at a glance and also because it’s space efficient.

Clean Tools After Each Use

After a long day with your woodworking tools, the last thing on your mind is to clean them and store away. But it’s essential you always wash your tools after each use. Ensuring your tools are cleaned and properly stored after each use prolongs the life span of your machine and saves you money required to repair or replace if it becomes faulty.

Keeping your tool clean after work also prevents rust which is a major enemy for your woodworking tool.

Cleaning your machines do not require a lot from you, hand tools need only a wipe with a piece of cloth or for a proper wash, soap and water is fine. ?Power tools requires an air compressor to get off dirt and dust, after which you lubricate all moving parts with oil. ?

Inspect For Damages After Every Use :

You want to inspect your tools for damages every time you put it to use as this ensures safety and longevity of your power tool.

While looking your woodworking tools over, look out for cracked, broken or splintered handles as this can cause a domestic accident while in use. ?

Look out for rust and corrosion as this might make your tool unsafe to use. You can either replace a rusted machine or remove the rust from the tool if it’s not severely damaged.

Lubricate Tools:

As a newbie woodworker, keeping your woodworking tools lubricated is one of the best ways to keep your devices in top working condition, decrease chances of rust and prolonging its life span. Power tools are more susceptible to mechanical malfunction because of it’s electrical and mechanical parts. Ordinary machine oil is an excellent choice for lubricating but consult your user manual for any other oil recommendation.

Refer To Tool Manual?:

A great way to be sure you are caring and maintaining your woodworking tools at all time is to refer to the operating manual continually. Keep the manual guide in areas that are easy to reach for quick references.

Keeping tools in top working condition is one of the basic instructions given in educational woodworking project and classes because of how essential it is to a woodworker to have his tools in top working condition.

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