Best Woods For Woodworking…(This Might Surprise You)

So, you are a new wood carver who wants to use his hand to create beautiful wooden projects. Great, because woodwork and woodcarving is such a creative and satisfying hobby.

Now this could be something that might surprise you but don’t worry we’ll make it cool.

As a professional or newbie in the woodworking business, part of the basic knowledge you should have is the various types of wood and what purpose it serves. Using the wrong wood to make specific designs would either damage your work or make it difficult for you to create the design you are aiming to make.

Knowing the various types of wood and their different characteristics would not only portray you as a professional woodworker but would also give you an edge over other competitors in the woodworking profession. Let’s have a look at some of the common woods available and what you can make with them.

There are two main categories you can classify woods into:

Soft Wood:

Looking at the name softwood, you would assume these woods are weaker than the regular kind of woods – but they are not. Soft woods are gotten from coniferous trees and are reddish or yellowish in color. Because of how fast softwoods trees grow, they are less expensive when compared to hardwoods.?Softwoods include woods like;


Pine is a beautiful wood to work with because of how soft and smooth it is to carve. Pine is one of the most common woods used in making furniture like window frames, roofing, and paneling floors.


Cottonwood is a white colored wood that allows for wood carving; it has a soft bark that makes it attractive unpainted. The downside to this wood is its tendency to split.


Cedars are known for their aromatic smell and come in a variety of colors. The western red cedar is relatively soft, and it’s typically red. The finished work of a Cedar wood project are drawers, wardrobes, and nuggets.

Hard Wood
Hardwoods are the favorite of woodworkers for woodworking project because of its color, patterns, and texture. Furniture made from hardwood always come out beautiful. A lot of people shy away from using hardwood for anything other than patterned marquetry because of how expensive it is to purchase. Hard woods include woods like:


The wood mahogany comes in a reddish-brown color that makes it accept stains well. Mahogany wood can easily be worked on with a hand or power tool, and it looks great with a little coat of oil.


Walnut wood is known for its rich brown color and grain; it’s a wood famous for furniture making among woodworkers. It makes a beautiful carving when finished with a clear sealer.

Oakwood has been present for over one thousand years and is considered one of the best qualities for woodwork. It has a high tannin content which makes it resistant to insect and fungal attack.

Woodworking designs differ in style and shape; using the right wood for your woodworking project makes the difference and it makes for great dinner conversation.

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