The Basic Hand Tools For Woodworking Everyone Needs, Its Not What You Think

Woodworking projects require a lot of craftsmanship and the right type of tool. Like every other trade has its tools, woodwork is no different. The word ‘basic’ refers to the regular tools found in a woodworker’s workshop. So, whether you are a newbie woodworker or an experienced woodworker, there are specific tools that should not be lacking at your work station.

The benefit of owning these tools is to have quality and creative end products. The list below will provide an insight into what tools are considered essential for a woodworker and the purpose each serves during a woodworking project.

A woodworker has various tools that serves different purposes. For the purpose of this article, we are discussing on the hand tool.

The hand tool is an example of a power tool but without the use of electricity, your muscles lends power to this type of machine. Examples of the hand tool are:

The Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is a tool used for driving nails in; it’s an essential tool found within the home. The claw hammer is made up of a finished head and grip for holding. While using a claw hammer, you want to be careful to avoid you hitting your finger or hand with the hammer. A poorly balanced hammer would keep giving you a wrong angle, making it difficult for you to drive nails into the right places.


Chisel works for wood carving, and all woodworkers must own an assortment of chisel for cleaning out joints and saw cuts. While buying a chisel, the ones made from carbon steel and has a hardwood grip is your best option. The metal caps on the hardwood grip prevents the chisel from becoming malformed when hammered on.

Measuring Tape

Getting a measuring tape of about 25ft long that also retracts is one of the essential hand tools of a woodworker. While taking a measurement especially on large scale projects, you want to ensure the hook of the tap is firmly attached to avoid variation in measurements which can cause a problem for you over time.


A screwdriver is a tool that is irreplaceable among the tools in a woodworker’s set. For quality woodworking design, you require a set of screwdrivers. Various screwdrivers serve different purposes. A medium slot screwdriver removes nails and screws from cabinets with little space. There is the ratchet screwdriver, slot screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, etc. All of these are important to the woodworker.


Nails hold things in place, and they come in varying lengths and sizes. The woodwork project you are designing would determine the length of nail required. The nail setter helps to grip the nails better and ensures it doesn’t mar the wood by sliding off.

As a woodworker, these basic hand tools make your job seem like an easy woodworking project while projecting you as an experienced woodworking designer.

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